FAQ Vaccination Centre SSE Arena Belfast

SSE Arena Belfast Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book an appointment at the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena?

    If you are eligible, you can book a vaccination appointment at the Vaccine Centre ay the SSE arena by visiting https://covid-19.hscni.net/get-vaccinated

  • Can I park at the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena?

    Car parking is free but limited and with thousands of people expected to attend in the coming weeks, public transport may be a better option.

  • Can I get public transport to the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena?

    Yes, we are encouraging the public to travel by public transport or to arrange someone to drive them to attend their vaccination appointment. The SSE Arena is located on a glider route that travels into and out of the city centre. A park and ride will also be available at several locations with a shuttle bus dropping off at the SSE Arena. Please follow public health guidelines for social distancing and face coverings while using public transport.


  • I have reduced mobility - what provisions have been made for me to access the centre?

    The SSE Arena Belfast is an inclusive venue and is committed to ensuring that services are accessible to all visitors. If you require assistance in relation to accessibility, please speak to a member of staff on arrival. We will be happy to assist you.

  • I have a therapy/blind dog - are they permitted in the centre?

    Assistance dogs are welcomed at the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena. If you require assistance in relation to accessibility, please speak to a member of staff on arrival. We will be happy to assist you.

  • What documents do I need to bring with me and where can I find my Health and Care number?

    You need to bring photo ID such as a passport or driving licence, and your Health and Care number. You can find your Health & Care number on any letters from the hospital, letters from your GP, on any prescription or on your medical card. You can see this in the middle of the image below.

    Health Care Card

  • Will I have to wear a mask at the vaccine centre?

    Yes. Unless exempt, you will be required to adhere to all COVID-19 infection control guidelines within the vaccine centre by sanitising your hands on entering, wearing a face covering and adhering to social distancing by following the spots on the floors.

  • Will there be an observation period after receiving my vaccine?

    Yes, you will be observed for 15 minutes after receiving your vaccination in line with observation guidance following the issue of a National Protocol for the Administration of the COVID-19 AstraZeneca Vaccine in Northern Ireland. This will be seated within the SSE Arena, adhering to social distancing and face covering guidelines.

  • Do you have patient information in a variety of different languages?

    COVID-19 information materials are available in a range of up to 17 languages on the PHA website and Browsealoud is also available to translate the website and pdfs: https://www.publichealth.hscni.net/covid-19-coronavirus/northern-ireland-covid-19-vaccination-programme

  • How do I change or cancel my vaccination appointment?

    You can cancel your appointment for the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena at: https://vaccinations.covid-19.hscni.net/portal or by telephone on 0300 200 7813 Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 8.00pm.

    To rebook your vaccine, go to https://covid-19.hscni.net/get-vaccinated/ or you can also book via telephone on 0300 200 7813 Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 8.00pm.


  • I have just received my first vaccine at the Ulster Hospital Vaccine Centre; will I get my second dose at the same place?

    If you have received your first vaccine at the Ulster Hospital and are due your second vaccine on or after the 26th April 2021, you must attend the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena for your second dose. You may have received a text after booking your appointment which says your 2nd appointment is at the Ulster. However, if your second appointment is on or after the 10th May 2021, please attend the Vaccine Centre at the SSE Arena.

    A reminder text will be sent to all appointments one week before and 24 hours before the 2nd Dose appointment reminding you to attend the SSE Arena instead of the Ulster Hospital.

  • Will I receive the same vaccine for both my first and second doses?

    Yes. You will receive the same vaccine (Pfizer or AstraZeneca) for both your first and second dose vaccination.

  • Should I have the Astra Zeneca vaccine?

    The AstraZeneca  vaccine will continue to have a vital role in saving lives, reducing hospitalisations and helping Northern Ireland move out of lockdown.

    Following the latest advice from the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation), people aged under 40 will be offered the Pfizer-BioNTech in NI through the regional Trust vaccination centres.

    Anyone of any age who has had a first dose of Astra Zeneca should proceed with their second dose of this same vaccine.

    The JCVI has advised that those aged under 40 may still make an informed choice to receive the Astra Zeneca vaccine, for instance where no alternative vaccine is available, or where someone has an appointment booked for vaccination in the coming days and may prefer not to reschedule to receive an alternative vaccine.

    The JCVI’s updated advice relates to reports of extremely rare adverse events of concurrent thrombosis (blood clots) and thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) following vaccination with the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.

    The JCVI has updated its risk/benefit advice in relation to age groups, in light of the current low incidence of disease and current and projected availability of alternative vaccines. In light of these factors, Pfizer is now its recommended vaccine for under 40’s.

    The change means some logistical alterations to Northern Ireland’s vaccination programme. From Monday, May 10.

    * People aged 40 plus can book Astra Zeneca first dose appointments at the SSE Arena vaccination centre and community pharmacies.
    * People aged 30-39 can book their Pfizer first dose appointments at the other regional Trust vaccination centres across NI.
    * People aged 30-39 can choose to make an informed decision to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine from participating community pharmacies if that is what they prefer or if they decide they would rather not wait to receive an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine.
    * Anyone aged under 40 already booked for their first vaccine at one of the Trust centres, including the SSE Arena, will have this appointment honoured – with the Pfizer vaccine.
    * Anyone of any age who has received an Astra Zeneca first dose should proceed with their second dose of Astra Zeneca. That’s unless they had an extreme adverse reaction to the first dose.

    It is very important that everybody who has already had their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine gets their second dose of the same vaccine, irrespective of age.  The only exception is for the very small number of people who experienced blood clots with low platelet counts following their first dose.

  • Am I eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Northern Ireland?

    We are seeing increasing numbers of ineligible people, including people from the Republic of Ireland, trying to book an appointment at one of our vaccination centres.  Only those who meet the criteria will be vaccinated.  If you turn up and are not eligible you will be turned away and you will have wasted staff time in the process.

    To avail of a vaccine in Northern Ireland you must have the following:

    • A Northern Ireland HSC number
    • You must be registered with a Northern Ireland/UK GP
    • Produce photographic ID