Safety, Quality & Experience


The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust (SEHSCT) has placed improving safety, quality and the patient/client experience (SQE) as the priority corporate objective for 2011-2015.

What this means is:

Assuring Safety: avoiding and preventing harm to patients and clients from the care, treatment and support that is intended to help them.

Improving Quality: involves monitoring and use of deliberate and defined improvement processes focused on efficiency, effectiveness, performance, accountability and outcomes, which improve the health and social care of the individuals and communities we serve.

Testing the Experience of the Patient/Client: recognising that patients and clients have a right to experience respectful and professional care, in a considerate and supportive environment, where their privacy is protected and dignity maintained. We recognise that staff, working closely with patients/clients are well placed to identify priority local objectives/metrics which provide the most rigorous indication of performance against Safety, Quality and Experience (SQE).

The South Eastern HSC Trust SQE approach provides clear fundamental standards, driven by the interests of patients, and devised by clinicians; delivering a “bottom up” as opposed to a “top down” system to assuring safety, quality and positive experience.


  • Quality Improvement Innovation Centre

    The Quality Improvement Innovation Centre based in the South Eastern Trust will aim to bring together innovative and creative thinking, forming a hub for staff.

    The Innovation Centre (QIIC) can help cater for staff who may have ideas that could improve the safety, quality of care and the patient experience. The Innovation Centre (QIIC) will provide the expertise, the tools and the information to create the conditions in which this change can happen.

    What does the Innovation Centre (QIIC) provide for staff?

    • Training and tools to help with Quality improvement
    • Help with data management and use of technology
    • Help staff develop new ideas and problem solve
    • Guidance on grant & award application
    • Signposting to Trust expertise (Lean, Productive Ward etc)
    • Help with spreading innovations
    • Support and guidance on carrying out Safety Quality and Experience (SQE)
    • Projects/Improvement
    • Physical meeting space – teams or individuals
    • Library and IT/Video Conferencing facilities
    • Training and conference room bookings

    Contact us

    If you would like to contact us, you can email us at or follow us on Twitter – @setinnovation

    To view a location map of the QIIC, click here.

  • COVID Vaccination Centre Evaluation Report

    Sse Vaccination Centre Evaluation Report Banner

    The South Eastern Trust was tasked with setting up and operating the largest mass vaccination centre in Northern Ireland. We certainly rose to that challenge.

    The vaccination centre at the SSE Arena Belfast opened it’s doors on the 29th March 2021. In just under six months over 350,000 vaccines were administered, a remarkable achievement which was made possible by our incredible staff.

    The Belfast COVID Vaccination Centre Evaluation Report reflects on what we have achieved and what we can learn and take back into the organisation.

    Click here to access the report.

  • Quality Strategy 2021-2026

    Our new Quality Strategy sets out the vision, aim and approach we will take to deliver the best care and continuously focus on improving our services.

  • Annual Quality Reports

    The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust aims to ensure high standards of Safety, Quality and Experience are at the heart of everything we do. The purpose of the Annual Quality Reports is to provide assurance to the Trust Board and the public, regarding measures taken to continuously improve safety and quality, ensuring that patient/client experience is a positive one.

    To view the reports, please click on the links below –

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