Minor Injury Unit Ulster Hospital

The Trust is delighted that a new Consultant led Minor Injury Unit will also open on the 6th September at 8am.

It will operate 7 days a week 8am to 6pm on the site of the former Emergency Department, at the Ulster Hospital. This service is a walk-in service.

The Minor Injury Unit will also be staffed by specialist nurses, medical staff and other health care professionals who are able to assess and treat patients of all ages with minor injuries that are not critical or life-threatening. These include:

  •  injuries to upper and lower limbs
  • broken bones, sprains, bruises and wounds
  • bites – human, animal and insect
  • burns and scalds
  • wound infections
  • minor head injuries
  • broken noses
  • foreign bodies in eyes, ears, nose and skin
  • arm or leg pain
  • simple rashes
  • red eyes or minor eye injuries

Following triage, if required, some patients may be moved to the Emergency Department.