My Waiting Times NI

My Waiting Times NI

My Waiting Times NI provides patients with average Outpatient waiting time information by Health and Social Care Trust and by Specialty across Northern Ireland.

This is to support you while you wait and helps you to prepare for your Outpatient hospital consultation.

This information can be viewed by anyone, which means you, your family or carer can all see the latest information.

Note: These pages are updated on the first Thursday of each month and will be unavailable until 4pm on that day.

How do I view the average waiting time?

Click here to visit My Waiting Times NI.

  • FAQ's

    What are these waiting times for?

    These waiting times are average waiting times for a first outpatients hospital appointment across the different clinical specialties in each Health and Social Care Trust area.

    How do I find out how long I will need to wait for my appointment?

    You start by selecting the Health and Social Care Trust that is managing your care, then you select the clinical specialty appointment you are waiting for. Average waiting times will be displayed and are broken down in order of priority eg. red flag, urgent or routine.

    If the waiting times are shorter for another Health and Social Care Trust, can I move to the shorter list?

    Patients will receive their treatment in order of clinical priority. Moving to another hospital or Trust does not mean that you will receive treatment any quicker and, in some circumstances, could mean having to repeat certain tests, investigations or appointments which would mean waiting longer.

    We would encourage patients to remain under the care of their existing hospital. Should capacity become available elsewhere to be treated earlier, then the hospital will be in touch with patients directly to discuss the options.

    How often are these waiting times updated?

    The webpages are updated on the first Thursday of each month.

    I’m on a waiting list but I don’t think I need the treatment anymore?

    If you no longer require treatment, please contact the Health and Social Care Trust responsible for your care.