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  • Public Consultation on the temporary changes to Urgent and Emergency Care services at Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn

    On Monday 18 October 2021, opening hours at the Lagan Valley Hospital Urgent Care Centre were temporarily changed from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, to 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. A ‘Phone First’ service was also introduced on this date.

    The decision to reduce the opening hours by two hours a day was taken by the Trust in response to the significant shortage of suitably qualified emergency medical staff and the ability to maintain high quality standards of care for patients. Patient safety is the Trust’s key priority and there was no alternative to making this decision.

    The ‘Phone First’ service involves patients being assessed by a senior doctor over the phone and ensures people receive the right care, first time. This system is being implemented across the region and is consistent with the Department of Health’s Review of Urgent and Emergency Care services in Northern Ireland.

    The Trust held a public consultation between 23 February and 22 April 2022 to seek public views on the temporary changes outlined above.


    As part of the consultation, there were a range of opportunities for staff and the local community to provide their views. Further detail on the consultation process can be found in our consultation feedback report.

    Consultation documentation is available below:

    Link to Consultation Document 

    Link to easy read document

    Link to Consultation questionnaire

    In keeping with the commitments in our Equality Scheme we carried out an Equality Screening and Rural Needs Impact Assessment which can be viewed on the following links:

    Link to Equality Screening

    Link to Rural Needs Impact Assessment


    The feedback received during the consultation process was presented to Trust Board on 29 June 2022. After careful consideration, the Trust Board approved the following recommendations:

    • Continue with the temporary reduction in opening hours.
    • Continue with the Phone First system.
    • Temporarily rename the facility as an ‘Urgent Care Centre’ to better reflect the services currently delivered.

    The above recommendations were made in the absence of any suggestions of viable alternatives to address the significant shortage of suitably qualified emergency medical staff during the consultation process, and to ensure we maintain high quality, safe standards of care for patients.

    The Trust continues to monitor the ongoing impact of the temporary changes and will continue to make every effort to address the staffing challenges we face.

    A summary of consultee feedback and the Trust’s response to the feedback can be found in the consultation feedback report available on the link below:

    Link to Consultation Feedback Report

    The Trust wishes to extend its thanks and appreciation to all those individuals, elected representatives, groups and organisations who responded to the consultation process.

    If you have any queries please contact the Trust on 028 9055 0434 or email