Older People

People are living longer than ever before, and the proportion of older people in our society is growing. In Northern Ireland we have the fastest growing older people’s population in the UK, which currently stands at 272,819 aged 65 and over. In the South Eastern Trust area there are approximately 57,300 people aged 65+ of which 25,370 are male and 31,930 female.

This is rightly a cause for celebration. However, population ageing, with the fastest rise in the ‘oldest old’, means that the overall number of people in our society with health or care needs has risen. This trend holds new responsibilities and challenges for Health and Social Care services in helping older people stay healthy, active and independent for as long as possible.

The adoption of healthy lifestyles and actively participating in one’s own care are important regardless of your age and it is never too late to adopt such life styles in the later years. Engaging in appropriate physical activity, healthy eating, not smoking and using alcohol and medications wisely in older age can prevent disease and functional decline, extend longevity and enhance one’s quality of life.

  • POP NI

    POP NI gathers all the information that could be of direct relevance to older people their families or those who work with them. Information includes;

    • Older people’s rights and entitlements, such as pensions, benefits and community care
    • How you can make your money go further or what you can do if you are in debt trouble
    • Groups where older people can socialise, learn and have fun
    • Where you can get free and independent advice and support in your local area
    • How you can get online and stay there
    • Current news or upcoming events across the country
    • What are the issues affecting older people today in Northern Ireland and what we are doing to tackle them

    POP NI is Yours. What makes Pop NI so innovative and useful, is that you can make the website work for you and claim it as your own.

    Organisations and individuals can upload information such as group meetings and events and post it on POP NI. This could not be easier! All you have to do is sign up and then create a group.

    You will also be able to connect with people and organisations who share the same interests or who can offer support.

    If you would like further information, or if your group would like a demonstration, contact Advice NI: Telephone: (028) 9064 5919 | popni@adviceni.net

  • Positive Ageing Month

    A demographic revolution is underway throughout the world. Today, there are around 600 million persons aged 60 years and over world-wide. This number will double by 2025 and will reach two billion by 2050, with the vast majority of older persons living in the developing world (WHO). In the South Eastern Trust area there are approximately 64,000 people aged 65+ and by 2025 this will have increased to approximately 80,000, representing a large proportion of our society.

    In order to recognise the important contributions that older people make to our world, while raising awareness towards issues of ageing, the United Nations designated 1 October as the International Day of Older Persons.

    The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust together with our partners and affiliates wish to commemorate this day and recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions that older people make to our society by compiling a fun and exciting programme of activities and events.

    If you have an event or activity you wish to include in the Positive Ageing Month Programme please complete the following form:


    If you have an event or activity that you would like to organise or promote as part of Positive Ageing Month please complete the form below.

    Ideas: Tea dance, dementia café, volunteering, intergenerational work, arts, crafts, older peoples groups, health talk, cinema, community lunch, arts, crafts, leisure, safety events, strength and balance classes, interviews, volunteering, training


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