Corporate Information

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust is…

A great place to live

A great place to work

A great place for care and support.

The Trust is delighted to launch a Corporate Plan addendum to set out our priorities for 2023/24.  The existing vision, purpose and values remain and our priorities this year continue to be health, wellbeing and addressing inequalities; timely access to care and support; our people; safety, quality and experience of care. Underpinning each of these priorities is the overarching principle of working in partnership.

We believe that those who use and deliver our services are best placed to shape them. As we navigate the year ahead, we will continue to listen to our staff and to the people who use and experience our services. We remain committed to the values of Health and Social Care which will guide how we improve our services, working together in partnership to deliver better outcomes for our patients, clients and families

The Corporate Plan can be accessed here.