Community Health Development

Community Health Development Workers work as part of the Health Development Team, and are dedicated to finding ways to positively influence the quality of life, environment and health of the people in South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust area.

We are funded through Public Health Agency, and work in partnership with community, voluntary & statutory organisations to address the health & well-being needs of local communities.

We address a range of issues including:

  • Physical Activity
  • Mental Health
  • Stress Reduction
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Parenting
  • Sexual Health/Relationships
  • Youth
  • Older People
  • Aims and Targets

  • Our Aims

    We aim to:

    • reduce poverty in families & children
    • improve skills, knowledge and learning for the people in the South Eastern Trust Area in particular amongst children, young people, the elderly, and the vulnerable
    • promote mental health & emotional well-being at individual & community level
    • offer everyone the opportunity to live and work in a healthy environment
    • improve our neighbourhoods & the wider environment
    • reduce accidental injuries and deaths in the home, workplace and roads
    • Enable people to make healthier choices
  • How we can help you

    How we can help you:

    • We can provide specialist advice, guidance and information
    • We will manage and support the development and delivery of health programmes and projects
    • We can provide education, training and staff development for general health and well-being
    • We work on a daily basis with communities to identify needs, priorities and relevant programmes
    • We provide access to advice, information and resources to those involved with well-being

    Click here to download a copy of our leaflet.