Strategic and Capital Development

The Strategic and Capital Development team ensure that the Trust can plan for and build for the health needs of the community for the future. Strategic and Capital Development for the Trust includes understanding the Strategic Direction in which the Trust needs to travel to meet the needs of our patients, clients and their carers; then plan to meet those needs at the right time and with the best use of resources by creating robust business cases for the South Eastern Trust.

It involves planning, designing and building the best physical resources for the changing health needs of the community, within the budget and time available, to help all the services of the Trust in Transforming Your Care (TYC).

An example of the work of the Strategic and Capital Development team is the ambitious Phase B development at the Ulster Hospital. Through a carefully considered programme of engagement, planning, design and construction a new Inpatient ward block will be built by the end of 2016, with 100% single bedrooms, a new Day Procedures Unit and Pharmacy, followed shortly by an Acute Services block including specialist wards, an Emergency Department, a 64 bed clinical assessment unit and a new imaging department providing a range of x-ray services for inpatients and a new emergency department.