Work Experience

Staff in the Trust discuss work experience with students

A Work Experience Placement is defined as for a young person who is at school and is 16-19 years old, or a student in Further Education/Training working towards a Level 2/3 qualification.

At its broadest, work experience can open students’ eyes to jobs they may never have thought of, and help inform career decision making. The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust works with local schools and colleges to provide work experience placements for young people so they gain knowledge and understanding of the world of health & social care, while raising awareness of the diverse range of roles and career paths.

Students get a taste of work culture, job roles and the day-to-day operations within health & social care, enabling them to make informed decisions on whether a particular job role or a career aligns with their interest. By helping students explore the depths of their interests and abilities, work experience can assist them to draw a comparison between the skills they possess, those essential for a specific career area and related academic/educational requirements.

Members of Southeastern Trust from a variety of roles and disciplines stand waiting to meet students interested in Work Experience opportunitiesPlacements include: Medical, Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Health Professionals, including: Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Labs, Bio-Medical Science, Pathology, ICT, Community Care, Disability.

To support schools and colleges, the Trust works in partnership with Work Inspiration (BITC) who co-ordinate student requests on our behalf. Click here for more information.

Further information on can be found on the Work Inspiration website by clicking here.

Contact: Work Inspiration – Business in the Community

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