Lisburn Primary and Community Care Centre

The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust is delighted that the Lisburn Primary and Community Care Centre (PCCC) will open its doors to patients on Monday 20 February 2023. It is a ‘one stop location’ for the community’s health and social care needs, all under one roof.

Situated on the Lagan Valley Hospital site, the new PCCC will provide state of the art accommodation for seven GP Practices and a wide range of primary and community care services many of which will be relocated from the existing Lisburn Health Centre and other Trust premises.

As well as the GP Practices, Lisburn PCCC will house multiple disciplinary services including Community Dental, Community Mental Health, Child Health, Children’s Disability, Orthoptic and Podiatry along with a Therapy Department and Community services.  They will all complement the existing inpatient and outpatient services within Lagan Valley Hospital.

Bringing GP Practices and multi-disciplinary Trust teams together under one roof and across four floors, the new Centre will help patients manage chronic conditions in the community, close to their homes.

  • Services provided at the Lisburn Primary and Community Care Centre (PCCC)

    The Lisburn PCCC provides a wide range of services including:

    GPs (7 practices)
    2 Treatment Suites
    Therapy Department (Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy, Pelvic Health, Speech & Language, Pelvic Health)
    Bookable rooms (clinical & non-clinical)
    Community Mental Health Teams
    Physical Health Monitoring Service
    Orthoptic / Eye Clinic
    Community Dental Services
    Podiatry Services
    Children’s Social Care
    Child Health Services (Community Paediatrics, Autism, Development Intervention Service, Psychology, Speech & Language Therapy)
    Psychology / Psychiatry
    Addiction Services
    Adult Autism
    Rehabilitation Services
    Health Visiting
    School records / School Nursing
    District Nursing
    Social Care Keyworkers
    Occupational Therapy
    Children’s Community Nursing
    Special Nursing Teams
    Health Development
    Children’s Disability
    Permanent Placement Team
    Coffee Shop
    400+ car parking spaces

  • Car parking

    There will be over 400 car parking spaces at the PCCC for patients and visitors.

    The car park will be open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 8am-6pm. CLOSED ON SUNDAYS.

  • Temporary shuttle bus from Lisburn Health Centre

    A free shuttle bus service will operate to and from Lisburn Health Centre and Lisburn PCCC for 2 weeks commencing on 20 February 2023.

    The shuttle bus will operate between the following times:

    • 8.15am to 12.15pm
    • 1.45pm to 16.30pm
  • Transfer of services

    The transfer of services will be phased and it’s hoped the Lisburn Primary and Community Care Centre will be fully operational by mid-March.

    Monday 20 February – Friday 24 February 2023:

    • Dr Palmer Practice
    • Laganview Medical Practice
    • Dr Ruddell Practice
    • Dr Ryan Practice
    • Linenhall Medical Practice
    • Lisburn City Practice
    • Dr Cairns Practice
    • Treatment Rooms

    Monday 27 February – Tuesday 07 March 2023

    • Physiotherapy
    • Hand Splinting
    • Orthoptics
    • Podiatry
    • Community Dental
    • Sexual Health / Reproductive Teams
    • Child Health Services
    • Community Services
    • Addiction Servcies
    • Adult Mental Health

Map of Lagan Valley Hospital Site