Youth Health Advice

Due to COVID19 we have moved the Youth Health Advice Service online.

Ruth Ewing the Youth Health Advice Nurse from the South Eastern Trust is available via supported by

Email, Zoom (one to one or group sessions) and Mobile either phone call or text Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, 07753310352 or email

This service is confidential and is provided by the South Eastern Trust with the assistance of qualified staff from other Community/Voluntary/Statutory services.

Gabrielle O’Neill Health Development Specialist for Sexual Health & Disability for the South Eastern Trust is responsible for coordinating this service across the South Eastern Area states “My experience is that young people have many health related worries and concerns around sexual health and unplanned pregnancy, alcohol and drug use, smoking and emotional health concerns like anxiety and depression and this has been escalated due to Covid19.  Young people become very anxious and worry about these issues and can feel they have no one to turn too. We would like you to make contact with Ruth and discuss your concerns so that you can receive the best up to date advice and guidance during this time of uncertainty”

  • What does this service provide?

    These are all difficult issues to be dealing with, but the Youth Health Advice Service means that you can get help and advice and signposting from professional health staff on the following:

    • The use of alcohol and drugs
    • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases Http://
    • Advice on contraception
    • Pregnancy test (Registration required)*
    • The availability of Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) (morning after pill) (Registration required)*
    • C-card scheme – if you are aged between 16 and 25 years and live in Lisburn, Rural Lisburn, North Down & Ards or Down area you can get free condoms from us when you register with the C-Card scheme (Postal Service)*
    • Support for those who want to stop smoking
    • Signposting to appropriate organisations to help those with emotional issues

    Our main aim is to make sure that our Young People are happy and healthy while studying during the Covid19 crisis that they can achieve their qualifications and accomplish their goals. So don’t worry in silence talk to the experts and get the appropriate support.

    Covid-19 Sexplanation 

  • Youth Health Advice Request Form

    Youth Health Advice Request Form

    • Please enter your email address if you have access to an email account and wish to receive confirmation of your request.
      1. This service is only for use by people aged between 16 and 25 years of age.
      2. I am between 16 and 25 years of age.
      3. All information and details provided by me are accurate.
      4. I know I should not have sex with anyone unless I consent (agree to have sex). I know that if anyone has sex with me without my consent they are breaking the law.
      5. I am aware that I should not be forced, bribed or given alcohol or drugs by someone to make me have sex with them. If someone does this to me they are breaking the law.
      6. If I am ever expected to have sex when I don’t want to, for any reason, for example by being forced, bribed or after being given or taking alcohol or drugs, I know I can get help by phoning talking to a parent or teacher, phoning the PSNI (0845 600 8000) or social services (0300 100 0300) Regional number (028 9504 9999) or ChildLine (0800 1111), If the staff of the C-Card service think I might be being forced to have sex or that I am being exploited (taken advantage of) they might inform the police or social services, but they will speak to me before they do this.
      7. I know that having sex with someone under the age of 16 years is against the law.
      8. I know it is better to wait to have sex until I am in a stable long term relationship.
      9. I understand that using condoms properly can reduce the chances of pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted infections.
      10. I will read the leaflet that is sent to me with any condoms I order.
      11. I will only order condoms for my own use, not for my friends / relations.
      12. I understand my personal information will be stored on a web based database, but will only be seen by people who offer the C-Card service.
      13. Any information the C-Card database holds about me will be safe and secure.I understand my personal information will only be used to send me condoms when I ask for them.
      14. I understand that if any information about the C-Card service is shared with anyone else it will not include any personal information.
      15. I understand I will not be contacted for anything other than the C-Card service.
      16. Occasionally I may be asked to take part in user satisfaction surveys.
  • Sexual Health Service

    The South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust’s Sexual Health Service is based at the Downe Hospital, Downpatrick, with additional clinics in Bangor and Lisburn. You do not have to be referred by a doctor – we provide free sexual health care and advice for all age groups, including testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and genital conditions. Urgent and non urgent appointments are available, and the service is strictly confidential.

    For more information on the service, please click here.


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