Parking at the Ulster Hospital

Access to the Hospital is via the Main Entrance on the Newtownards Road at Dundonald opposite McDonald’s outlet and is controlled by traffic lights.

As one enters the site a large electronic sign immediately gives information to visitors of space availability and directional arrows to visitor car parks including a dedicated 55 space car park for ‘Disabled Blue Badge’ use located close by the main front entrance.

A further 14 spaces are available for disabled use within the Care of Elderly Upper Car Park.

Additionally, car parking is provided in the Multi-Storey car park which is located to the rear of the Emergency Department and provides close access to our new Inpatient Ward Block.

Car Parking Charges

Charge Bands£
Up to 1 hour1.20
1-4 hours1.80
4-6 hours2.50
6-8 hours3.50
8-24 hours4.50
Lost ticket6.00

  • Application for Free Car Parking

    The following eligibility matrix for free car parking is contained within the Department of Health Policy which “introduced transparency, fairness and consistency across the HSC based on the patient care path.”

    Care PathPatientNext of Kin/PartnerRelativeVisitor
    Radiotherapy ChemotherapyYesYes, if transporting patientYes, if transporting patientN/A
    Renal dialysisYesYes, if transporting patientYes, if transporting patientN/A
    Critical Care/High DependencyN/AYesDiscretionaryDiscretionary
    Relatives of long stay patients*N/ADiscretionaryDiscretionaryDiscretionary

    *Note – This additional South Eastern Trust criteria is in addition to the Department of Heath guidance.

    A Ward Manager additionally has discretion to apply the eligibility criteria for exemption to car parking where the frequency of visits can lead to significant charging over a period of time e.g. relatives spending a lot of time with a very sick or terminally ill relative or a patient who may benefit from lengthy or frequent visits from relatives which are of benefit to that patient.

  • Car Parking Pressures at the Ulster Hospital

    The increasing requirements for the provision of hospital services have inevitably led to additional pressure on car parking at the Ulster site. This has lead to queuing at car parks during peak times and the Trust would unreservedly apologise to visitors for the delay that this can cause.

    We would advise that if you need to use a vehicle and our car parking facilities to enable an appointment or to visit a patient that you allow at least 45 minutes to get parked.

  • Cycling Facilities

    On the Ulster Hospital site, bicycle racks are provided at the following locations:

    • Maternity Unit
    • Terraced Car Park
    • Main Entrance
    • Care of Elderly Building