Parking at the Ulster Hospital

Access to the Hospital is via the Main Entrance on the Newtownards Road at Dundonald opposite McDonald’s outlet and is controlled by traffic lights.

As one enters the site a large electronic sign immediately gives information to visitors of space availability and directional arrows to visitor car parks including a dedicated 55 space car park for ‘Disabled Blue Badge’ use located close by the main front entrance.

A further 14 spaces are available for disabled use within the Ambulatory Care Centre & Mental Health Inpatient Unit Upper Car Park.

Additionally, car parking is provided in the Multi-Storey car park which is located to the rear of the Emergency Department and provides close access to our new Inpatient Ward Block.

  • Car Parking Pressures at the Ulster Hospital

    If arriving by car please note that we have a limited number of patient and visitor car parking spaces at the Ulster Hospital.

    The increasing requirements for the provision of hospital services have inevitability led to additional pressure on car parking. Our car parks can be extremely busy so please allow at least an extra 45 minutes at peak times for your journey to allow you to find a space.  The Trust would unreservedly apologise to visitors for the delay that may occur during times of queuing.

    Access to the Hospital is via the Main Entrance on the Upper Newtownards Road, Dundonald, opposite McDonalds and is controlled via traffic lights.

    As one enters the site a large electronic sign on the left hand side which immediately provides up to date live information to visitors on space availability along with directional arrows to all visitor car parks.

    Additional car parking is provided in Car Park G (Multi-Storey) which is located to the rear of the Emergency Department and provides close access to our new Inpatient Ward Block. A new public car park is also available in Car Park J which is located to the side of the new Acute Services Block.

    Please be aware that car parking enforcement is operational on this site..

  • Car Parking Tarrifs

    Tariffs are in place across the Ulster Hospital site and signage is in place. Please help support our clean air measures and avoid waiting in car parks with your engine running. Car Parking Tariffs can be paid by cash or card at any of the pay stations on site.

    Charge Bands £
    Up to 1 hour 1.20
    1-4 hours 1.80
    4-6 hours 2.50
    6-8 hours 3.50
    8-24 hours 4.50
    Lost ticket 6.00
  • Application for Free Car Parking

    We have a number of car parking concessions available to support our patients and visitors. The following eligibility matrix for free car parking is contained within the Department of Health Policy which “introduced transparency, fairness and consistency across the HSC based on the patient care path.”

    Care Path Patient Next of Kin/Partner Relative
    Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy Yes Yes, if transporting patient Yes, if transporting patient
    Renal Dialysis Yes Yes, if transporting patient Yes, if transporting patient
    Critical Care/High Dependency N/A Yes Discretionary
    Relatives of long stay patients* N/A Discretionary Discretionary

    *Note – This additional South Eastern Trust criteria is in addition to the Department of Health Guidance.

    A Ward Manager additionally has discretion to apply the eligibility criteria for exemption to car parking where the frequency of visits can lead to significant charging over a period of time e.g. relatives spending a lot of time with a very sick or terminally ill relative or a patient who may benefit from lengthy or frequent visits from relatives which are off benefit to the patient. To access these concessions please speak to the Ward Manager.

  • Disabled parking

    A total of 114 spaces are designated Blue Badge Holders on the Ulster Hospital Site. These are identified on the map with a .

    • Car Park B is a designated Blue Badge Holders Car Park with 56 car parking spaces
    • Car Park 4 (COE Upper) – 12 spaces
    • Multi Storey Car Park – 20 spaces
    • Car Park J – 6 spaces
    • Renal Unit – 6 spaces (Staff Only)
    • Homes – 5 spaces (Staff Only)
    • Home 5 – 1 space (Staff Only)
    • Emergency Department drop off ASB – 4 spaces
    • Front of Trust HQ – 3 spaces
    • Home 6 – 1 space (inaccessible)

    Blue Badge Scheme rules apply and the badge should only be used when the holder is present either at point of arrival or departure. Any vehicle parked in a space for a blue badge holder must have a valid blue badge displayed. Your vehicle may be clamped if you fail to do so.

  • Responsible Parking

    Please park responsibly when parking at our hospitals.

    • Do not speed – There is a 15 mph speed limit on our sites and 5mph in car parks, this is in place to keep our patients, staff and visitors safe.
    • Switch of your engines when idle.
    • Please be aware of pedestrian crossings.
    • Please do not park on double yellow lines, pavements or hatched areas.
    • Only park in designated parking bays.
    • Do not cause an obstruction to traffic or access to buildings.
    • Do not park over space lines and park in a single space only.
    • Please take the time to read our signage and avoid potential enforcement.
  • Enforcement

    Parking Enforcement Zones throughout the site are clearly designated. Where the registered authorised provider has identified a vehicle that requires the implementation of enforcement measures the following procedure will be adopted. A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) will be applied to the vehicle. Details of the charge and how it should be paid will be contained in this notice. Wheel clamps may be applied in certain circumstances and will not be removed until the payment charge has been received. A notice in these circumstances will be applied to the vehicle advising the driver that the vehicle must not be removed and advising how the release fee may be arranged. All disputes concerning enforcement will be the responsibility of the company who have been contracted by the Trust through recognised Procurement Protocols. An appeals process is identified on the PCN or notice of clamping.

  • Cycling Facilities

    On the Ulster Hospital site there are bicycle shelters provided in the following locations: –

    • Home 1
    • Marshall House/First Steps Nursery
    • Kelly House
    • Terraced Car Park
    • Ambulatory Care Centre & Mental Health Inpatient Unit
    • Physio Entrance
  • Public Transport

    Translink services to the site can be accessed and planned via this link: Journey Planner

  • Hospital Travel Cost Scheme

    You may get financial help from the Hospital Travel Cost Scheme if you are on a low income and need Health Service Treatment at a Hospital. Further Information can be access via this link: Hospital Travel Costs Scheme | nidirect

  • Trust Premises Smoke Free

    The Trust has been Smoke Free from March 2016, smoking is prohibited in Trust buildings, grounds and car parks by service-users, visitors, staff or contractors.