Physical Activity

Girl playing netball, Group playing hockey, Man and woman running, Man playing golf

Physical activity is simply any movement of the body that uses energy. It has many health benefits and any amount of physical activity you do is good but the more you do the better!

It is much easier to sustain regular amounts of physical activity if it is enjoyable and incorporated into daily life to become a habit. Did you know that the least active individuals stand to gain the most from a small increase in physical activity?

The South Eastern Trust Co-ordinates a number of programmes that help to promote physical activity in the community.  There are many health and well-being benefits for us if we can move more and sit less.  It is hoped the resources on this website make physical activity more accessible, especially if you are starting out with the basics.

Find out how much physical activity is recommended, or find an activity you may not have considered and where to do it locally and improve your overall wellbeing. We hope you will find this information useful.

If you organise any community based physical activity opportunities in the South Eastern Trust area that you would like promoted on this site, or comments please Email: