Dementia is a common condition. Symptoms of dementia happen when the brain is damaged. It can lead to a gradual loss in being able to reason and remember things.

  • Out Patient Clinics / Memory Assessment

    We provide Consultant-led Multidisciplinary Outpatient Clinics for individuals who are experiencing memory problems. Referral is via your GP. Assessments will identify possible treatable causes for memory difficulties or where appropriate provide a diagnosis of Dementia. This may involve more than one visit to the clinic. Counselling and education is offered in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s society.

    Clinics are provided in:

    • Downe Hospital
    • Ards Community Hospital
    • Lagan Valley Hospital
  • Dementia Navigators

    We know that for many people it’s difficult when they are diagnosed with dementia. Sometimes it’s hard to think about the present let alone plan for the future. Our Navigators are on hand to offer advice, guidance and support to the person with the diagnosis and their carers.

    Anyone can contact or make a referral to the Dementia Navigator Service.

    If you would like more information about The Dementia Navigator Service please contact the Navigators in your area on the following numbers :

    Lisburn Tel: (028) 9250 1325

    North Down and Ards Tel: (028) 9187 0987

    Downpatrick Tel: (028) 4461 3811

  • Dementia Companions

    We recognise coming into a general hospital can be a stressful time for people living with dementia.

    The Trust Dementia Companions work in the main acute hospitals and help patients to maintain a tidy, clutter free environment around their bedside, ensuring patients have their call bell near at hand and any personal items are close by the patient. The Dementia Companions will help to ensure mealtimes are as enjoyable and enabling as possible. Thus ensuring patients receive sufficient fluids, tea etc. as guided by the nursing staff. If a patient would want to have meaningful activity or meaningful walking the Dementia Companion will endeavour to assist and accompany, helping maintain the person’s independence and motivation.

  • Dementia Inpatient Wards

    We strive to support people living with Dementia in their usual residence however sometimes a hospital admission for assessment is essential. We have two dementia inpatient wards in the Downe and Lagan Valley Hospitals.

    Contact Details:

    Lagan Valley Hospital Tel: (028) 9263 6518

    Downe Hospital Tel: (028) 4483 8260

    Children may visit in a designated area, please speak with the nurse in charge to arrange. Protected mealtimes ensure patients have privacy, time and support from staff.

    The dementia inpatient wards (and many of our acute hospital wards) support ‘Johns Campaign’. If as a family member you would like to continue with your caring role please speak with the nurse in charge so these arrangements can be discussed and made.

  • Carers Support

    Alzheimer’s Society deliver CRISP (Carers Information Support Programmes) across the SET areas.

    CRISP (has been designed specifically for carers, family members and friends of people with dementia. It is a 4 week programme, with each lasting 2-2.5 hours, covering the following topics:

    • Understanding dementia
    • Providing support and care
    • Legal and money matters
    • Coping day-to-day

    CRISP is for carers, family members and friends of people with dementia. It is very well suited to those who have been relatively recently diagnosed, however we have found there is a lot of benefit for anyone with caring responsibilities. It is not appropriate for people with dementia to attend, due to the peer support offered to carers attending.

    To find out more about CRISP or to book a place, please contact us on:

    Tel: (028) 9756 4681 or (028) 9181 0083

    Email: or

  • Support Organisations

    Age NI

    3 Lower Crescent
    BT7 1NR
    Tel: 08088 087 575


    Alzheimer’s Society
    30 Skegoneill Street
    BT15 3JP
    Tel: (028) 9066 4100
    Helpline: 0300 222 1122


    British Deaf Association
    Weaver’s Court, Unit 5c
    Linfield Rod
    BT12 5G
    Tel: (028) 9043 7480


    Carers Northern Ireland
    58 Howard Street
    BT1 6PJ
    Tel: (028) 9043 9843


    Building 2
    Lesley Office Park
    393 Holywood Road
    BT4 2LS
    Helpline: 08456 030 291


    Dementia NI
    54 Elmwood Avenue
    BT9 6AZ
    Tel: (028) 9068 6768


    Mencap NI (Learning Disability)
    5 School Road
    BT8 7US
    Tel: 028 9069 1351

    Together in Dementia Everyday (Tide)
    Awaiting NI appointment