Cuan Court

Cuan Court is a purpose built supported housing facility for frail older people and older people with mild to moderate dementia consisting of 24 self-contained apartments.

10 apartments provide accommodation for single people and 14 two bedroom apartments provide accommodation for a partner/carer/family member to live there too.

The facility has a number of shared activity spaces as well as a range of shared and private landscaped gardens. A lift is available for access to the upper floors.

  • The Apartments

    Each apartment has been designed to meet the needs of frail older people and older people with mild to moderate dementia.

    Apartments are self-contained and comprise of bedroom(s), living, kitchen, dining areas and bathroom. Technology to aid independence has been included to provide reassurance and security for tenants and their families.

    Tenants will be required to bring in all their own furniture.

  • What is Supported Housing?

    Our purpose and mission is to ensure that our tenants, (frail older people and older people with mild to moderate dementia), are supported to live well and age positively. Our service is designed to reduce the impact of the onset of disabilities commonly associated with ageing and specifically those with mild to moderate dementia.

    Our staff are trained to help tenants optimise and maintain their own independence and they will provide practical, specifically planned support and care of each tenant as required.

    Staff will be on duty 7 days per week over a 24 hour period.

    Tenants will be supported and encouraged to carry out daily living tasks to remain active and independent.

    Belonging to our families and loved ones matters to us all, so at Cuan Court we encourage families, friends and carers to stay actively involved in the lives of tenants, by visiting, keeping up favourite activities, as well as making new friendships.

    Some of our apartments are big enough for a partner or carer to live there too.

  • Who can live at Cuan Court?

    Frail older people and older people with a diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia who:

    • Want more help maintaining or improving their independence and who want to remain active

    • Who are experiencing difficulties in managing at home.

  • How do I get a place at Cuan Court?

    Anyone who wants to live at Cuan Court will have their needs assessed.

    You can refer yourself or have a housing application or housing transfer application completed on your behalf by:

    • A family carer or anyone involved in caring for you, such as a member of your community or church

    • Your GP or a medical consultant

    • Your care manager or social worker

    • Your district nurse

    • Your community psychiatric nurse.

  • What happens after the application?

    Your application will be referred to the Area Housing Support Officer and then your application will be assessed by an admissions panel

    • Your needs will be assessed by a member of the social care team at the South Eastern HSC Trust, to identify if a

    placement is suitable and then your application will be assessed by an admissions panel.

  • We aim to help frail older people and older people with mild to moderate dementia:

    • To make life-affirming choices in order to stay active and as independent as possible for as long as possible

    • To be pro-active in keeping healthy and well

    • To enable partners to continue living together

    • To be active in community life, for example, by continuing to use local amenities, such as the shops, cafes, leisure centre, the arts centre, libraries, public transport, parks, museums, health and social care services and to access educational opportunities through extra-mural studies, evening classes etc

    • To reduce the impact of the onset of disabilities commonly associated with ageing and with mild to moderate dementia

    • To optimise the quality of life.

Cuan Court

11 – 34 Dakota Avenue
Co Down
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