Dermatology Nursing ICATS

ICATS stands for Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service. The ICATS Dermatology Service is designed to deliver specialist, individualised and accessible care to meet the needs of patients with chronic skin diseases.

Skin diseases are often chronic and cyclical conditions that have periods of flares and remissions, impacting both physically, psychologically and socioeconomically on patients and their families (NICE, 2004). Many patients with skin conditions often experience ongoing discomfort and find difficulty in finding effective treatments. In some cases they may experience embarrassment, a lack of sleep and social isolation. Most patients and parents are actively seeking treatment options for overall quality of life improvements.

Patients with skin disorders that require more specialist treatments will be referred to dermatology by their general practitioner or another health professional. Patients that can be managed by a GP or nurse within the ICATS team are then seen at their most convenient clinic.

The most common conditions seen by the ICATS team include:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Skin changes due to sun exposure
  • Benign skin lesions

Treatments within the clinics include creams, minor surgery, cryotherapy, skin samples and patch testing. We can refer patients that require phototherapy (light treatment) to the Downe or Lagan Valley Hospital for this.

If you have a condition that requires the attention of a consultant, arrangements will be made for you for a consultant appointment.

We have clinics within each of the 5 Trust hospitals:

  • Ards Community Hospital
  • Bangor Community Hospital
  • Downe Hospital
  • Lagan Valley Hospital
  • Ulster Hospital

There are community based clinics in: 

  • Castlewellan Community Services
  • Crossgar Community Services
  • Saintfield Health Centre
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Dermatology Nursing ICATS

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