Emergency Department


The South Eastern Trust will open its new state-of the-art Emergency Department (ED) at the Ulster Hospital at 00:01am on Wednesday 6th September 2023.

The Emergency Department at the Ulster Hospital is now located in the Acute Services Block.

There is a ‘drop-off’ area outside the ED for critically ill patients and anyone with a mobility issue.

A contactless payment car park has been built close to the entrance which has 140 spaces for patients and relatives.

Click here for a map of parking facilities.

Our Emergency Department treats and cares for people with a serious injury or life-threatening condition.  If you or someone near you has a life-threatening medical emergency, call 999 immediately or go to your nearest emergency department.


  • you should not go to an Emergency Department as an alternative to your GP
  • calling 999 for an ambulance does not get you to the top of an ED queue – patients are seen based on medical need, not who gets to the hospital first
HospitalOpening Times
Ulster Hospital – Emergency DepartmentOpen 24 hours every day.

  • What happens at the Emergency Department?

    Once you arrive at the Emergency Department, please give your details to a receptionist. Within a short time, a nurse will triage you to assess the nature of your injury/complaint and determine how urgent it is. It is essential that this system is in place to ensure that patients are seen in order of clinical need, rather than in time of attendance.

    You may have to wait a period of time before you are seen by the doctor. This will depend on how busy the Department is and the seriousness of other patient’s conditions.

    As well as timely care, our aim is to ensure that services are safe, of a high quality and improve the outcomes for all of our patients.

  • Ulster Hospital Emergency Department Relatives Line

    Keeping families and next of kin updated on their relative’s condition while they are being treated in the Emergency Department is a new initiative being rolled out at the Ulster Hospital.

    A dedicated ‘relatives’ phoneline has now been installed in the Emergency Department in the hospital to allow families to check up on their loved ones and  receive updates on their condition and the care they are receiving.

    The phoneline will be manned by administration  staff within the Emergency Department and will operate between 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday (including Bank Holidays).  The number to call is (028) 9030 6060.

  • What are the 4 and 12 hour targets?

    Emergency Departments throughout the UK are monitored in line with two overarching Ministerial targets to ensure patients are seen and treated as quickly as possible.

    The 4 hour target – the South Eastern Trust aims to ensure that as many as possible of its emergency care patients are seen, treated and either admitted or discharged within four hours of their arrival in the department. The national target is 95%.

    The 12 hour target – the South Eastern Trust aims to ensure that none of its emergency care patients wait longer than 12 hours to be seen, treated and either admitted or discharged.

    Coming soon: more information on Unscheduled Care activity and waiting times in the South Eastern Trust.

Stretcher being loaded onto ambulance by two paramedics

Contact Details

Ulster Hospital Emergency Department Relatives Line

Call us(028) 9030 6060