Health Visiting

The aim of the Health Visiting service is to promote the health of the whole community and to help in promoting healthy lifestyles addressing concerns about physical and mental wellbeing.  Health visitors are an integral part of the NHS’s community health services. All health visitors are qualified nurses or midwives, with additional special training and experience in child health, and health promotion and education. 

Many people think that health visitors only visit new babies and their families at home – this is not the complete picture. Health visitors aim to promote the health of the whole community. You will find us at your local GP surgery working alongside practice staff, or at the local health centre or child health clinic. Some contacts may also take place in a child’s nursery setting.

Services that the Health Visitors provide:

  • Support, information and guidance in all areas affecting physical, mental and emotional health both before and after a baby is born
  • Referral to appropriate specialist services if required
  • Support and guidance in the management of difficult behaviour, eating problems, sleeping difficulties, temper tantrums, toileting, bed wetting etc. Information and support on infant feeding and nutrition
  • Information on safety issues
  • Information on the management of minor illness
  • Promotion of childhood immunisation programme
  • How to access this service
  • Every family with a child under 5 years of age will be assigned a health visitor. If you are not sure who your health visitor is you can telephone your nearest health centre or GP practice to ask

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Contact Details

Lisburn Health Centre

Call us(028) 9266 5181

Stewartstown Road Health Centre

Call us(028) 9060 2705

Hillsborough Health Centre

Call us(028) 9268 2216

Newcastle Community Services

Call us(028) 4372 3346

Castlewellan Community Services

Call us(028) 4377 2090

Donaghadee Health Centre

Call us(028) 9188 3775

Clough Surgery

Call us(028) 4481 1535

Ward 25 Downshire Hospital

Call us(028) 4451 3796