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Lagan Valley Hospital Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) is temporarily closed for births. Our midwifery and obstetric teams are providing antenatal care and our midwives community continue to provide postnatal care.  If you have any questions for our teams please contact the team on 028 9263 3534.

  • Self-Referral

    As soon as you have a positive pregnancy test you can now refer yourself directly for maternity care within the South Eastern HSC Trust.

    Please complete the form below and upon receipt of it Lagan Valley midwives will arrange the first booking appointment for you, and also notify your GP of your pregnancy.

    Self-Referral Form

    Please return your completed form by post to:

    Midwifery Led Unit
    Lagan Valley Hospital
    39 Hillsborough Road
    Co Antrim
    BT28 1JP

    Alternatively, you can email completed forms to:

  • The Facilities

    The facilities have been designed to help you relax, and with your wellbeing and comfort in mind.

    The unit has four birthing rooms, three with fantastic pools. They are all new comfortable, spacious, purpose built ensuite rooms. All rooms are equipped with flat screen televisions and contain birth mats, birth balls, and other equipment to help you remain active, move about and adopt positions you find most comfortable during your labour and birth. Feel free to bring your own music.

    We welcome the presence of a birth partner. We provide a sofa bed in the room for a family member to remain overnight with you and your baby should you choose.

    We promote a family friendly, home-like environment, and do not place any restrictions on visiting following the birth of your baby.

  • Access and Visiting

    We promote a family friendly, home like environment, and do not place any restrictions on visiting following the birth of your baby.

    The Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) is situated on the first floor of the hospital and can be accessed via stairs or a lift. Access into the MLU is gained via a security intercom system. Please contact your Midwife when you are in labour or if you need advice on when to come to hospital.

    Two birthing partners are welcome to support you during labour and birth.

    The Midwife will be able to provide you with further information. A Midwife is available in the MLU 24 hrs a day to help you with any queries.

    Contact Telephone:  (028) 9263 3534 (Direct line 24 hrs)

  • Educational Workshops Lagan Valley Hospital

    Active Birth Workshops

    We provide active birth workshops at Lagan Valley Midwifery Led Unit. Anyone wishing to attend our workshops is welcome, regardless of which hospital they are booked into for their birth. We provide two evening sessions for you and your birthing partner. These can be booked by contacting your Midwife.

    Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

    This workshop will help you to feel more confident about feeding your baby, by giving you information out how breastfeeding works, latching your baby on, and advice on how to prevent some common difficulties.

    This is a two hour session. The best time to take the class is around 28-34weeks pregnant, but later in pregnancy is fine.

    To reserve a place on the workshop, please contact the Midwife at Lagan Valley Midwifery Led Unit – Telephone:  (028) 9263 3534.

    You are welcome to visit the unit for breast feeding support following the birth of your baby is needed.


    Newborn Hearing Screening Service

    Your baby will be given a series of routine health checks in the first few weeks of life. This will include a hearing screen. The screening test will be done in the unit before you go home or within the first few weeks of life.

    Aqua Natal Yoga Classes

    Aqua Natal Yoga is a great way to exercise when you are pregnant even if you’ve not been to regular exercise classes. Now women can attend Aqua Natal Yoga classes at Lagan Valley LeisurePlex provided by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. These classes are delivered by Royal College of Midwives Accredited Practitioners.

    Those interested in booking Aqua Natal Yoga Classes can contact Lagan Valley LeisurePlex on Telephone: (028) 9267 2121

Midwife weighing newborn baby

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