Peer Advocacy

Our Mission
T0 promote the independent voice, rights and choices of individuals who use Mental Health Services.

Our Vision
A society where everyone has an equal voice.



The South Eastern HSC Trust Peer Advocacy Service is operated by people who have accessed mental health services for people who access mental health services. All peer advocates will work with you in equal partnership to promote self-determination, choice and to ensure that your rights are protected.

The Peer Advocacy Service is to listen to the wishes and views of service users who access or have accessed mental health services. Peer Advocates will support people to either speak for themselves or if requested will speak on their behalf. Peer advocates promote the right to being informed, choice, peer support, choice and self-determination. This may be done on an individual basis or on behalf of a group with similar issues.

The Peer Advocacy service is not only about enabling a person to express their views and choices. It is also concerned with the experience of the service user accessing services and will support the service user in accessing the specific care and support they need to facilitate their recovery or continued care.

Although many people who use mental health services can speak up for themselves most of the time (Self Advocacy) and many others may have family or peers who can speak on their behalf, some service users may not have this support or there may still be situations when they require someone independent to advocate for them and safeguard their rights.

The South Eastern HSC Trust also runs training courses for people who wish to become volunteer peer advocates.

  • How can peer advocacy help?

    Peer advocates offer support and understanding for those using mental health services.

    A peer advocate:

    • Can speak up for you, or will help support you to speak up and make your voice heard
    • Can help you prepare for meetings with mental health professionals
    • Will support you during meetings with health professionals
    • Can provide you with information on what services are available
    • Will support you in accessing services
    • Can meet with you in a confidential setting
    • Will listen to your concerns
    • Will work alongside you to assist you with your recovery

    Benefit issues will be dealt with by Citizens Advice Bureau or Mindwise.

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