Podiatry is an Allied health profession, devoted to the study, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity.

Podiatry Services are delivered by a team of HCPC Registered Podiatrists and are assisted by Podiatry Assistant Practitioners. The Podiatry Service provides a variety of treatments for people who have a medical need and related foot problems. Podiatry services maintain the foot health of patients who through complex medical needs have feet that are considered as being at high risk of developing limb threatening conditions such as Ulcers and infection.

The podiatry services also offer short term interventions for patients with no medical need, offering advice and education on management of their problem accompanied by an individualised treatment plan, this can include Nail surgery for ingrowing toe nails and Biomechanical assessments for people with foot and leg pain.

  • Biomechanics Service

    The Biomechanics Service treats patients with chronic and acute pain in the leg and foot, or patients with structural problems in their feet and legs that could lead to symptoms in the future. The Specialist Podiatrists will assess the way in which your legs and feet are working when you are walking and standing. This will lead to a clinical diagnosis and an individualised treatment plan which could include:

    • Insoles or Orthotics
    • Strapping and splinting
    • Stretching, Stability and Strengthening exercises
    • Footwear advice

    Patients can self refer or be referred by GPs, Physiotherapists and other health professionals who deem referral appropriate to the Biomechanics Service.

    Patient compliance is a critical element of a successful outcome.

  • Diabetes Foot Screening

    If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, it is important that you have your feet checked on an annual basis.

    Diabetes and poor blood sugar control can cause damage to the blood and nerve supply to your feet. Screening of your foot tests for any signs of change to your circulation, nerve damage, skin changes and foot deformities.

    Our Podiatry Team carries out diabetes screening clinics regularly across the South Eastern Trust area. The screening will result in you being given a tailored treatment plan according to the level of risk associated with your feet.

  • Nail Surgery

    In certain circumstances, despite conservative treatment, some toenails may require to be removed, either partially or totally.

    Prior to any surgery a detailed assessment will be completed by the podiatrist to ensure that there are no contra indications to carrying out the procedure. Surgical and non-surgical options will be discussed with the patient and a treatment plan developed.

    Surgery for full or partial nail removal is carried out under local anaesthetic which will be administered by the Podiatrist. The procedure normally takes about forty minutes. Comprehensive pre and post operative advice will be given by the podiatrist if surgery is required.

    Normally full healing takes place in 6 –12 weeks. During this time the patient will be shown how to redress their toe and will be required to carry out redressing as required. Nails treated by our Podiatrists result in no re-growth of the nail in over 95% of cases.

    Nail surgery is provided in four locations across the Trust area:

    • Bangor Community Hospital
    • Lisburn Health Centre
    • Downpatrick Health Centre
    • Ards Community Hospital
  • Foot Health Information

    Below you will find a range of patient advice leaflets. Please feel free to download or print any leaflets which are relevant to your condition.

    General Patient Information

    Musculoskeletal Advice and Information

    Advice and Information for People with Diabetes

  • Referrals

    Referral to the Podiatry Service can be made by GP, other health care professional or by yourself using the departmental self-referral form available online here or by downloading and filling in a form here and returning it to the Podiatry department in:

    • Lisburn Health Centre: Linenhall Street, Lisburn, BT28 1LU
    • Downpatrick Health Centre: 2 Struell Wells Road, Downpatrick, BT30 6RL
    • Ards Community Hospital: Church Street, Newtownards, BT23 4AS
    • Bangor Community Hospital: 106 Castle Street, Bangor, BT20 4TA

    Or alternatively e-mail the completed referral form to CBO.Podiatry@setrust.hscni.net

  • Useful Links

    Health & Care Professions Council: www.hcpc-uk.org

    The College of Podiatry: www.op.org.uk

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