Post Covid Syndrome Service

What is Post Covid Syndrome?

Post Covid Syndrome can cover a large range of symptoms that persist for 12 weeks or more after you first contracted Covid-19. You do not need to have had a positive Covid-19 test to be experiencing Post Covid Syndrome.

How to access the service?

Please speak to your GP or SEHSCT healthcare provider if you feel that the service could support you and if appropriate they can make the referral for you

Why have you been referred?

Your doctor or SEHSCT healthcare provider is referring you to the South Eastern Trust Post-Covid Syndrome Service as your current symptoms are in keeping with a diagnosis of Post Covid Syndrome.

The Post Covid Syndrome Service Is a multi-disciplinary assessment service staffed by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and a Doctor.

This service deals with complex problems, related to being infected with Covid-19. They will give you an expert assessment, and then they will discuss with you what would be the best way to manage your symptoms. They may also send you for more tests if needed.

What happens next?

Once the service receives your referral you will be contacted by an administrator  to confirm that we have received your referral. They will arrange an appointment for you to meet with a member of the clinical team.

Your appointment l will last around one hour .

Appointments will be either face to face, by Video i.e. Zoom or by Telephone as appropriate.

The appointment will gather your key concerns about your health and listen to what matters to you in relation to how your life is affected at present with your on-going symptoms.

What happens during your Assessment Appointment?

The clinician who will undertake your assessment will have reviewed all the information you have provided and will seek further details. The appointment will last around one hour and will develop your Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan with you which may include:

  • Advice and support provided to assist your self-management
  • You may be referred back to your  GP with advice
  • You may be referred to other trust services
  • You may be referred to Community/voluntary services
  • You may be referred to a specialist or for further investigations

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