“Reablement will help you to do things for yourself rather than having to rely on others.”

Reablement is a person-centred approach which is about promoting and maximising independence to allow people to remain in their own home as long as possible. It is designed to enable people to gain or regain their confidence, ability and necessary skills to live independently, especially after having experienced a health or social care crisis, such as illness, a deterioration in health or injury.
The aim of Reablement is to help people perform their necessary daily living skills such as personal care, walking, and preparing meals, so that they can remain independent within their own home.

Reablement focuses on the clients strength’s & abilities to help them regain their independence, re-learning daily living skills or gaining new ones. Packages of care are focused on short term with the client moving to other forms of care providers if further support is still required.

Reablement deals with all different types of conditions and takes place in people’s own home.

Benefits of Reablement:

  • To keep client’s as independent as possible for as long as possible
  • Better health related quality of life
  • Facilitates client’s being able to remain in their own homes for longer
  • Delay’s the need for more intensive services

  • Referral
    • Client referred from hospital or community to Reablement Service
    • Client provided with info on Reablement ie. that it is a temporary package of care and will be monitored and reviewed
    • Client receives temporary care package at home if required
    • Client assessed by Reablement OT’s within 3 days of discharge / referral
    • OT’ devise a Reablement Care Plan and communicate this with care workers (a copy of the care plan will be left in the client’s home file for care workers and patient to refer to)
    • Care workers to continue with Reablement care plan
    • OT’s to review client’s ADL ability weekly and adjust the care plan as necessary
    • OT’s to make final recommendations when the client’s ADL ability plateau’s

    If client requires ongoing assistance, package of care to be transferred over to permanent provider.