Regional Integrated Support for Education NI

Regional Integrated Support for Education NI (RISE NI) is an early intervention service. Our aim is to help children enjoy, achieve, and learn to the best of their ability in school.

RISE NI supports children in mainstream schools by working closely with parents and education staff to help children develop the foundation skills for learning.

The multidisciplinary team supports children by:

  • Working alongside the teacher in the classroom for whole class, small group or individual programmes
  • Providing training to teachers to help them support pupils learning and development
  • Supporting parents

 The Team:

  • Team Co-ordinator
  • Behaviour Therapists – help children to develop and manage themselves in relation to their emotions, behaviour and self confidence
  • Dietitian – helps to promote healthy eating choices
  • Physiotherapists – encourage the development of movement, balance and co-ordination skills
  • Occupational Therapists – help children develop their attention, fine motor (including handwriting), organisation and co-ordination skills
  • Social Workers – support parents and children by providing advice and information to access appropriate services
  • Speech and Language Therapists – help children develop their listening, understanding and expression of spoken language and speech sounds
  • Psychologists – help children develop and maintain positive relationships, understand their emotions and cope with changes
  • Therapy Assistants – help the other team members to carry out programmes with children
  • Clerical Staff

  • Referral

    Children can be referred with parental consent by educational staff – principals, teachers and Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO).

    Current referral information:

    • Child attends school in the South Eastern Trust area
    • Parent/Guardian has given informed consent for the referral
    • The child’s difficulties are in two or more of the following areas:
    • Speech, language and communication
    • Social, emotional and behavioural
    • Motor skills
    • Sensory / perceptual
    • Diet
    • The child requires school based intervention

    RISE NI will not duplicate existing services. The service will only accept children whose above difficulties are impacting on their learning and educational progress. These children will be in P1 – P4 in mainstream school settings.

    Children referred to RISE NI will be assessed in school. Support may then be given in any of the above areas.

    Parents and teachers will be notified if a referral has been accepted or not.

    A key worker will be assigned to each pupil who is accepted for direct work with RISE NI.

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