Smoking Cessation

South Eastern Trust Stop Smoking Service

Welcome to the South Eastern Trust Stop Smoking Team. We welcome referrals from anyone interested in stopping smoking living in the South Eastern Trust area. This can be via the Multi Disciplinary Team following a hospital in-patient stay, out-patient appointment or we are happy to support you if you self refer.

We are a team who offer a friendly and supportive service. We can offer one to one appointments, information and support given by telephone or can discuss your needs for a home visit if required.

How can we help?

  • We can help plan a quit attempt using motivational interviewing and coaching for behavioural changes which will be specific to each clients needs
  • We can give expert advice on Nicotine Replacement Therapies and Champix, quit tips and support you when you are ready to go
  • We are proud of our success rates as 68% of our clients who set quit dates would be successful 4 weeks after their quit date
  • Stopping smoking can be difficult but with the right support and advice it can be achieved one day at a time
  • For those wanting support to stop smoking during pregnancy as part of the team we have specialist midwives who are happy to support expectant mothers and their partners
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