Plastics Trauma Clinic

Level 2 Critical Care block

(opposite the Multi-Storey car park)

Ulster Hospital


  • What to expect

    Please attend appointment alone or with 1 person as waiting area limited.

    You have been given a time slot to attend of either 09.30 -11.00 or 11.00-12.30. The time that you are seen and assessed may be subject to clinical priority. Staff will keep you informed to the best of their ability but please be prepared to wait and be here for the morning.


  • Appointment for assessment

    Staff will take your details ,remove any wound dressings and make an examination of the injury or complaint. An appropriate treatment plan made. This may include a surgical procedure, wound dressings and or referral to hand therapy. We endeavour to have all your treatment completed on the same day but you may be asked to return on another day.


  • What to bring
    • Any letter from referring hospital
    • Any regular medication/list
    • Overnight bag if you have been advised to fast
  • Before you attend

    You can drink water before appointment/take any regular medication.

    Please inform staff on arrival of any concerns or health issues eg Diabetes.

    Hand Injuries

    Please elevate hand above the level of your heart and remove any rings from all fingers of the effected hand.


Contact Details

Clinic Direct Line

Call us02890553218