Weight Management Service (Adult)

Adult Weight Management is a 12 week behavioural change programme for adults who are overweight and in need of support to improve their physical and mental health.

The  aim  of  the  programme  is  to  empower,  educate,  provide  tools and support to overweight /obese adults to develop new skills and techniques  to  create  lifelong  improvements  in  their  physical  and mental health.

The Objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide an introduction to the participants explaining the Momenta programme and the approach to weight management.
  • To encourage participants to commit and attend the 12 week behavioural change programme.
  • Introduce behaviour change skills to maximise outcomes from the programme, such as keeping food and activity diaries, setting SMART goals, weight tracker etc.
  • Momenta is a weight loss and healthy lifestyle intervention.

  • Referral


    • People over 18 years old.
    • People who are overweight and have Body mass index more than BMI 25 (nhs.uk BMI Healthy Weight calculator)
    • People who are motivated to adopt healthier lifestyle.
    • People who live in South Eastern Trust
    • Consult a GP before starting if you have a medical condition.

    People who meet the criteria above can self-refer onto the 12 week programme using the referral form below.

    Please download the referral form from the resources section.