ABC PiP service offers unique bonding experiences for parents

26th September 2022
ABC PiP walking group

ABC PiP walking groupTo raise awareness on the run up to World Mental Health Day, which takes place on Monday 10th October 2022, the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust is highlighting the ABC PiP service. This service focuses on building relationships between parents and their children, providing guidance, support and a safe space for parents to explore challenging emotions around parenting their child.

The service has been developed through a strategic partnership between, Barnardo’s NI, South Eastern HSC Trust, PiP UK and Tiny Life. The ABC PiP Team is made up of a variety of specialists, who offer one to one sessions and home visiting to families across the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust area.

The service offers a range of interactive groups for parents and their children including; ante-natal and post-natal discussion groups, walking groups and Tree Baby classes, that are designed to introduce parents and babies to forest bathing and mindfulness practices.

Positive feedback has been received from parents who have attended these groups, one parent who regularly takes part in the walking group sessions commented, “Since being a part of the walking group I have made extended friendships with other parents. The connections that have developed between the group members have led to us going out together, having coffee and our children enjoying each other’s birthday parties.

“I really look forward to it, there is great support around us if we need it. We are able to give each other helpful tips and I really enjoy the walks as it gives me a reason to get up and out in the morning.”

The Tree Babies group is a unique experience, it introduces parents and children to beneficial nature and mindfulness practices, which promotes their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This has made a difference to a number of parents and children who have attended these sessions, one Mother explained, “Tree Babies has been fantastic. It’s been great to come to a range of activities each week, I really enjoy the forest experience. It gives time for me and my baby to relax and breathe!”

“It has been very liberating, just taking time to sit outdoors with my baby, it isn’t something I would have ever really done before. The trees create a very calm and soothing background and having the company of others and sharing stories was great.”

If you would be interested in finding out more about one of these groups or would like more information on how to get involved with the service please contact: or telephone: (028) 9598 8056.

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