Ards Treatment Room waves goodbye to Sister

18th January 2023
Treatment Room Sister, Gillian Mitchell on her retirement day

Treatment Room Sister, Gillian Mitchell from the Co. Down area has recently retired after an amazing 38 years in nursing.

Gillian began her nursing career in 1985 as a Student Nurse in Ards Hospital, staying in this position until she qualified as a Staff Nurse. Continuing her nursing journey in Ards Hospital, she began working in theatres and subsequently in Care of the Elderly. Gillian also spent some time nursing in the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald.

In 1999, Gillian started working as a Treatment Room Nurse in Frederick Street, Newtownards where she then was able to progress to the role of Treatment Room Sister in 2003, happily working as a Sister until December 2022.

Reflecting on her career to date, Gillian said, “I have really enjoyed working in the Treatment Room over the past 24 years. I really loved getting to know so many people and being able to build up a relationship with them.

“Working in the Trust means you have a brilliant team of people around you, who are always there to support and encourage good patient care.”

Speaking of Gillian’s retirement after a fantastic nursing career, Ards Locality Manager, Brenda Fitzpatrick added, “Gillian has had a long career in nursing and has been a great asset to the Trust and in particular to the Treatment Room in Newtownards. I would like to wish her a long, healthy and happy retirement!”