Artwork Donated to Thank Ards Community Hospital’s Mental Health Team

17th November 2023
Johnny Gibson presents portrait to Mark Cavanagh

A hand drawn pencil sketch, depicting how music can play its part in maintaining and promoting mental health has been donated to the team at Ards Community Hospital by one of its service users.

The sketch, drawn by service user Jonny Gibson, captures the positive and powerful effect music can have on a person’s mental health.

Ards Community Hospital’s Mental Health Link Navigator Mark Kavanagh explained, “I had been working closely with Jonny since April of this year. As I got to know him better, it became apparent that he has a great interest in music and all things historically related to his home town of Bangor. Jonny mentioned to me one day that he had made a pencil drawing of a woman’s head around 12 years ago and had integrated his love of music into the piece. He then showed me a picture of it on his phone and explained that it had been lying on top of a wardrobe for many years.

“As our conversations continued, Jonny continually expressed his gratitude for all the help and support he had received not just from myself but from staff in the mental health services in the South Eastern Trust, He insisted that he would like to be able to repay them in some way but was unsure how.”

Mark suggested that the piece should be donated to the Mental Health Services team within the South Eastern Health Social Care Trust, an idea that Jonny fully endorsed.

“Jonny brought the picture to me and approached renowned artist Terry Bradley’s art studio in Bangor, who in the past, has supported me with another community mental health event and asked if they could frame Jonny’s picture as the intention was to display it on Trust premises. They readily agreed and as a result placed Jonny’s piece in a very nice black, glass frame. They did this free of charge and when I relayed this to him, not only was he ecstatic, he insisted that Terry Bradley’s studio be given due recognition for their kind gesture.”

“We are very proud to have Jonny’s work displayed in the reception area of Lough House.”

“This picture is dedicated to all staff involved in the provision of mental health services and support throughout the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust,” explained Jonny. “I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and personal interest in me and many others. Without them, I and countless others, would not be where we are today.

“I am eternally grateful for the contribution they have made in my life. The picture is made up of a series of musical images and notes.  I find that music can play a big part in maintaining good mental health. It has helped me immensely down through the years.”