Be Swallow Aware – Speech & Language Therapists Highlight the Importance of Safe Swallowing

14th March 2024
Swallow Awareness

As part of Swallow Awareness Day, Speech & Language Therapists across the South Eastern Trust are raising awareness about the importance of ‘safe swallowing’.

Speech & Language Therapists play a vital role in assessing, diagnosing and treating swallowing disorders to help those who are experiencing difficulties with swallowing.

It is important to be ‘swallow aware’, choking can happen to anyone at any time. Several groups of people are more at risk and prone to having issues with swallowing such as premature babies, children with medical conditions, adults who have suffered a stroke or adults with acquired neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Swallowing may seem like a simple function, but for many individuals, it can present significant challenges that impact quality of life and overall health.

Signs and symptoms of swallowing issues to look out for can include coughing or choking on foods or fluids and a history of chest infections.

Speech & Language Therapist, Maria Laverty highlighted the importance of raising awareness of safe swallowing.  Maria said “Swallow Awareness Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the role of the Speech & Language Therapist whilst promoting safe swallowing.  Speech & Language Therapists across the Trust are taking part in various activities in a bid to educate both the public and healthcare professionals about the signs, symptoms and management of swallowing difficulties. Through our information sessions, we hope to provide a greater understanding and support for those experiencing problems with swallowing.

“Speech & Language Therapists are committed to delivering patient-centred care. By raising awareness about the challenges associated with swallowing disorders and highlighting the importance of early intervention and support, we can ensure that individuals receive the care they need.”