Celebration of Success as Downe Hospital Ward Recognised for over 400 Days Free from Pressure Ulcers

6th March 2024
Ward 2 Pressure Ulcer Team

Recognising a remarkable achievement of dedication and teamwork, Ward 2 in the Downe Hospital has been awarded a Trust Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Award. This amazing accolade celebrates the ward’s exceptional achievement of maintaining 464 consecutive days without facility-acquired pressure ulcers. The success is a testament to the unwavering dedication and diligence of the ward team in identifying early signs of pressure damage and taking proactive measures to prevent deterioration.

Under the leadership of Ward Manager Caroline Smith, the ward has implemented an exemplary system for ensuring the skin health of every at-risk patient. This system involves daily checks undertaken by nursing staff, along with regular assessments performed by Healthcare Assistants on the ward. Through robust communication channels and the sharing of knowledge and awareness, the team has achieved and sustained this remarkable milestone.

Presenting the award to the team, Assistant Director of Nursing, Safe and Effective Care, Lisa Dullaghan said, “I congratulate the team on this achievement and their continued efforts in pressure ulcer prevention and management. This award recognises the dedication and commitment of the staff in Ward 2 ensuring the highest standards of patient care.”

Tissue Viability Nurse Lead, Vivienne Murdoch added, “Congratulations to the team in Ward 2 for achieving an impressive 464 days pressure ulcer-free! This award highlights our continued efforts in pursuing excellence in pressure ulcer prevention ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.”