Dedicated Nurse Manager Retires After 42 Years Of Outstanding Service at Thompson House Hospital

5th February 2024
Sandra Best with staff from Thompson House Hospital

After an outstanding 42-year career dedicated to the well-being of patients at Thompson House Hospital, Nurse Manager Sandra Best has decided to embark on a well-deserved retirement, leaving behind a legacy of compassionate care and unwavering commitment.

Sandra has been an integral part of Thompson House Hospital in Lisburn,  demonstrating dedication, professionalism and kindness throughout her remarkable career. She lives in Lisburn with her husband Michael and whilst raising a family and managing a family business, Sandra consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to patients, their families, staff teams and the broader Lisburn community.

Her long and distinguished career is not just a testament to her skills as a Nurse Manager, but also to her ability to balance personal and professional responsibilities with grace and resilience. Sandra’s tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals, making her retirement a bittersweet moment for the entire Thompson House Hospital community.

Reflecting on her career, Sandra said, “I have had a wonderful time, it’s been such a journey.  Thompson House Hospital is a centre of excellence, we have always put the patient first and that’s why I loved working here.  I hope to be back doing some bank work to continue helping out in Thompson House and have also signed up to do a bit of volunteering!

“I enjoy the rapport with patients and staff.  Thompson House is like one big family, it’s been such a privilege.”

Wishing Sandra well on her retirement, Assistant Director of Disability Services, Clare McStay added, “We congratulate Sandra on her extraordinary 42- year career!  Her dedication, compassion and expertise will leave an indelible mark on Thompson House and we wish her a well-deserved and happy retirement.”