Diabetes team hold P1 transition event to address family concerns

26th August 2022
Children at the Diabetes Team Transition Event

Transitioning into primary school can be a worrying and unsettling time for many children and families who live with Type 1 Diabetes. Most children will have had a majority of their care undertaken by their parents or a few trusted individuals who they are familiar with up to this point in their lives, so entering into a new location with new people that they have not yet built a trusting relationship with is a huge step and can be very unnerving.

The Diabetes Children’s Team recognise the impact this major change can have on family life, so they decided to host a ‘Primary 1 Transition Information Event’ for the families of children who live with this lifelong condition, to address their concerns and help them plan for a successful induction into the school system.

The event was funded by the ‘Paeds in a Pod’ charity group and was held in a local soft play centre, to give families an opportunity to discuss their child’s care plan, ask the team questions about how to approach the settling in process and allowed them to discuss their anxieties, while their children played happily together.

The event was a great success, the children enjoyed a chance to make new friendships while their families were able to address their concerns and make links with others in the same situation, who they can gain support and insight from as they move forward through their school journey together.

Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Rachel Boyle said, “It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to link with families at this key stage of starting school and to be able to offer support and reassurance for managing type-1 Diabetes within a school setting. To be able to do so in an informal environment and not at a hospital outpatient appointment was lovely change for everyone.

“It surprises many people that children of such a young age can develop type-1 Diabetes, media awareness is often targeted more predominantly at type-2 Diabetes. I would encourage everyone of all ages to be aware of the 4 T’s; excessive Thirst, increased frequency of running to the Toilet, extreme Tiredness and unexplained weight loss causing the individual to be Thinner. Please seek medical advice if you or your children are experiencing these symptoms.”

The Children’s Diabetes Team would like to thank the ‘Paeds in a Pod’ charity group for funding their event and thank all the children and their families for attending.