Falls Prevention Classes Empower Patients With Life-enhancing Benefits

15th February 2024
Eleanor Calvert

“My balance is much better, my strength is better.  I feel like a new woman!” Eleanor Calvert, a participant in the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust’s Falls Prevention Classes shares how they have improved and enhanced her life.

Falls represent a major health concern, particularly among older adults, often leading to serious injuries and decreased quality of life. The Falls Prevention Classes, led by experienced healthcare professionals, aim to reduce the risk of falls and promote overall well-being. Through a combination of tailored exercises, educational sessions and personalised assessments, participants receive valuable guidance on enhancing balance, strength and confidence in their daily activities, contributing to better overall physical health and reducing the risk of falls.

By learning practical fall prevention strategies and mastering new skills, participants also gain confidence in their ability to undertake daily activities safely. The classes also provide an opportunity for socialisation and support.

Explaining why she felt it was important to attend the classes, Eleanor said, “The reason why I attended was more about prevention rather than anything, as I had fallen several times. I am now walking better, I am walking upright and not stooped over. 

“I have had my 10th session and I have improved over these weeks immensely.  I am so happy about that. I have made friends in the class, there is good craic.  I couldn’t wish for more!”

Highlighting the benefits of the classes, Community Falls Team Lead, Paul Leggett explained, “A lot of our patients who come to the classes get great benefit and it is the best evidence-based practice we can do for our patients to try and reduce and prevent future falls. By preventing falls as much as we can, will help to reduce pressures on hospital services, but also keep our patients as safe as possible.

“One of the biggest risk factors we find with patients is social isolation.  The team will try and combat this by helping to get patients out of the house more, get them to exercise more and improve their strength, mobility and balance to help reduce future falls”