Falls Prevention Service is Vital to Keep Clients Safe

27th September 2022
Class 1

Falls are the leading cause of injury in people aged 65 years and over. This can be due to a number of factors including; the existence of chronic or long term conditions, medications, unsafe environments or poor balance and lack of physical activity. It is important that any potential hazards are assessed and addressed, to reduce a person’s risk of falling.

The Trust’s Falls Prevention and Management Service works with clients and their families to provide assessments and advice for those at risk of falling. They can provide onwards referrals to other professionals and services, and give patients access to strength and balance programs across the Trust area.

The experience of a fall and its physical injuries can leave long term psychological effects. For some, having a fear of falling again can cause a loss of their independence and confidence, leading to social isolation, depression and a loss of mobility. It is vitally important that they are supported through their recovery and given the opportunity to rebuild their strength, balance and confidence, to allow them to continue to live their lives independently.

The feedback from clients and their families has been very positive and demonstrates the great work of the Falls Prevention and Management Service, one client remarked, “The falls assessor’s kind and committed approach really convinced me that strength and balance exercise is an important tool to help prevent me falling in the future.”

A clients family member commented, “I just want to thank the team for the care and dedication that they have put into caring for my Mum, you have made such a difference to her life.”

Falls Coordinator, Gillian McKee is committed to raising awareness of falls and ways to prevent them, she said, ” I would like to encourage safe mobility for as many people as possible and support staff in all care settings to prevent and manage falls. Informative workshops have been arranged for staff to attend to discuss the best practices in dealing with falls. I look forward to engaging with our staff and the public as we continue to develop the service in the days and weeks ahead.”