Festive Appreciation for Trust Foster Carers

1st December 2023
Loughview Integrated Primary Choir

“My husband likes to say our family tree is not a tree but a hedge as the roots shoot out in all sorts of directions.” The words of Ruth Clarke who fosters babies and who was one of a number of foster carers in the South Eastern Trust who enjoyed a special Christmas Coffee Morning in Hillmount Nursery Centre to recognise and thank the Foster Carers across the Trust for their dedication, commitment and invaluable contribution that they make towards children in their care.

The event was a joyous occasion, with Foster Carers being treated to the sweet sounds of carols sung by the talented pupils of Loughview Integrated Primary School. The morning also featured special performances by Kerry Brady, a gifted cellist and the enchanting vocals of singer, Marian Jordan.

Foster Carers had the opportunity to connect with one another whilst sitting at tables named after celebrities who were fostered such as Cher, Bill Clinton and Marlyn Monroe.

The coffee morning acknowledged the dedication and selflessness of Foster Carers who play a vital role in providing support and stability to children in need.  It is an opportunity for the South Eastern Trust to express appreciation to Foster Carers for their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to creating a nurturing environment for children under their care.

Local Foster Carer, Ruth Clarke added, “My husband and I always felt that we had something more to give and that we had more room in our hearts for children that need love and support. We love and treat all of the children that have come into our home like our own.”

Attending the event, Head of Fostering & Adoption, Nuala Hanna said, “We are delighted to host this special coffee morning as a token of our appreciation for the incredible Foster Carers across the South Eastern Trust area. Their compassion and commitment make a profound impact on the lives of the children they care for every day.”