Flu Vaccinations Recommenced

30th November 2020

We are restarting Flu Vaccinations accross the Trust, this will be your last chance to avail of the vaccine.

This time there will be no need to book an appointment to receive your vaccination. Peer Vaccinators are resuming vaccinations and we would encourage you to avail of the Peer Vaccination arrangement in your area, which will mean that you will not have to leave your workplace.

For those staff who cannot avail of a Peer Vaccinator we will be operating a limited number of Flu Venues across the Trust. We will also be using a mobile approach which will be for staff that cannot access peer vaccinators or venues.

We currently have approximately 53% of frontline staff who have already received the Flu Vaccination. We need to increase this number to provide protection from Flu to your patients, clients, family and colleagues.

Please click here for information on Flu Venues.

Please remember to bring your staff number with you to get your vaccine.

Flu vaccination will stop when the COVID-19 vaccine programme is rolled out.

We thank you for your patience.