Fundraiser Held In Memory Of Much Loved Colleague

9th October 2023
Volunteer Valerie Harper

Bayview Colleagues of Susan Renfrew who passed away in August 2023 decided to honour her legacy by hosting a fundraiser coffee morning for Marie Curie on 29/09/2023.

Bayview Resource Centre which is an adult day care centre in Bangor, raised an amazing £635.00 and staff were pleased to hand this over to the charity. Bayview Resource Centre is proud to celebrate the remarkable career and contributions of Susan Renfrew, who began working as a Care Assistant on November 10, 2003.

Susan’s unwavering dedication, passion, and talents have left an indelible mark on our organization and the lives of our service users.

Manager of Bayview Resource Centre, Lynn McQuillan commented, “Staff sorely miss Susan. She was part of the team and the family unit within Bayview Centre.

“We talk about her every day and reflect back on the fun times that we had.

“When they made Susan they broke the mould; she was one of the most genuine women I have ever met.

“She was kind, caring, patient and tolerant and never complained about work. Even when she was ill she had a positive attitude”

From her very first day, it was evident that Susan possessed a deep and genuine passion for caring for service users. Her innate ability to connect with individuals and foster an environment of comfort was truly remarkable. Susan’s patience and compassion knew no bounds, earning her the admiration of both colleagues and service users alike.

One of Susan’s many talents shone through her group work activities, where she encouraged service users to explore new hobbies and interests. Her cookery group, in particular, became a source of joy and creativity. Susan’s commitment to inclusivity was exemplified by her thoughtful gesture of providing white chef hats and aprons to her service users, making them feel like active participants in the culinary process.

Susan’s journey at Bayview took a significant turn when the Dementia Unit, known as ‘The Butterfly Suite,’ opened its doors. She had recently completed her QCF in Dementia and expressed her interest in joining this unit during her appraisal. Susan seamlessly integrated into the Butterfly Suite, utilizing her training to offer structured programmes tailored to service users with moderate dementia. She went above and beyond to understand their individual needs, likes, dislikes, and fears, consistently delivering top-quality care.

Susan’s impact extended beyond service users to their families. She formed personal connections with family members, actively participating in service users’ reviews, and providing invaluable emotional support. Families praised her ability to put them at ease and answered their questions, reinforcing the confidence that their loved ones were receiving the highest standard of care.

Susan Renfrew’s kindness, compassion, patience, and unwavering positivity in the face of adversity continue to inspire us all.

Lynn McQuillan added, “Life throws curve balls along the way and we all face challenges and hardships. Susan was always there for us and the service users and she will remain in our hearts forever.”