Hearing Loss Patient, Now Audiologist, Helps Make a Difference to Patients’ Lives

18th July 2023
Audiologist Martin Montgomery

Audiologist, Martin Montgomery who is based in the Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, has been living with a hearing loss for 43 years and is now using his own personal experience to improve the quality of care for patients with a hearing loss. Martin completely understands the challenges associated with having a hearing loss so he is well equipped to try and provide solutions to his patients.

Audiology Services in the South Eastern HSC Trust play a vital role in improving and enhancing the lives of patients with hearing loss and diagnosing a range of hearing related conditions.

The service always intrigued Martin, so in 2019 he took the plunge, changed his career and started training as an Associate Audiologist.

Speaking about his personal experience, Martin says, “I have been an Audiology patient for 43 years, so I have a lived experience of hearing loss and wearing hearing aids.

“If difficulties arise with a patients’ hearing aid and it becomes uncomfortable, or they are just not happy with the sound it is producing, I can help identify the issue by using my personal experience, combined with the clinical knowledge I have gained, in order to give any patient the best possible care.

“I love interacting with patients’ and really trying to improve their hearing which can make such a difference to their lives.

“It is wonderful to make the transition from being a patient to being an Audiologist. I work with such an amazing team and without their support, I wouldn’t enjoy the job as much as I do.”

Joanne Edwards, Adult Lead Rehabilitation Audiologist commented, “Martin is has a fantastic work ethic. He came as a novice to Audiology and was able to teach us an enormous amount from a patient perspective. Martin is such a valued member of the Audiology Team and his lived experience proves that hearing loss does not have to be a barrier to success. He is now able to make a positive impact, enhancing and improving the lives of the patients’ he helps every day.”