Heartfelt thanks is paid to all who have supported the work of forget me not group throughout the year

21st December 2023
Laura and Jim, Freya's parents with their donation

Bereavement midwife at the Ulster Hospital Susan Stitt has paid a warm thanks to parents for their generous donations to the Forget Me Not support group throughout the year.

The group, which supports parents who have suffered the devastating loss of a child, recently hosted a special Christmas wreath-making event as a way to provide solace and emotional connections for parents.

Susan spoke of how through the kind hearted donations the funding, “goes towards improving bereavement care, services and facilities within the Ulster Hospital.” “My colleague Jacqueline Dorrian and I, on behalf of The Forget Me Not group, would like to thank all those that continue to support us.

“The majority of our donations come from the bereaved families that we have cared for, their family, friends and social circle. These are families that know and understand the heartache of pregnancy, baby or child loss and unselfishly want to give back to help others who are on similar grief journeys.”