Inspiring Dermatologist Who Helped Transform Patients’ Lives Retires

5th September 2022
Dr Duffin

Dermatology Consultant, Dr Marcia Duffin who lives in Bangor has retired after 38 years’ service.

Dr Duffin graduated  in medicine in 1984 and worked as a GP before deciding to go back to university, qualifying as a Dermatologist in 2007.

The dedicated doctor joined the Trust’s Dermatology Team in 2011 where she has been an inspirational and innovative leader for many years.

Dr Duffin’s proudest achievement has been developing the Biologic Service in Bangor, which treats patients with very severe skin conditions. The Biologic Service has been running successfully for over 10 years in Bangor Hospital and has given hundreds of patient’s access to vital medicines, that have helped them manage their conditions and give them a better quality of life.

Dr Duffin remembers her career with fondness saying, “Working in Dermatology has been the best job of my career. It has been a privilege to work alongside my colleagues, new and old. I I am so thankful to everyone.

Being able to truly make a difference in patients’ lives through the Biologic Service and witnessing the transformation that they go through, not just physically but also emotionally, has been wonderful.”

Dr Duffin’s colleague, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Tolland explains, “This service is thriving thanks to Dr Duffin’s dedication and proactiveness. She was a breath of fresh air to work with, nothing was ever a problem.  She has done so much for the Dermatology Service over the years, from her minor operations lists to setting up the Biologic Service, which has made such a difference to her patients’ lives. The team will miss her so much.”