Launch of the Hazel McCalister Exceptional Midwife Award

25th February 2022
Picture of Hazel McCalister

The Royal College of Midwives South Eastern HSC Trust Branch is delighted to launch the Hazel McCalister Exceptional Midwife Award. Hazel’s family presented the Branch with this award in memory of Hazel who passed away in 2021.

Hazel began her career in 1978 and worked tirelessly over the years to support her colleagues with her warm personality and generous spirit. Hazel was very passionate about her midwifery career and devoted a large amount of her own time and energy to the work of the Royal College of Midwives where she held the title of Honorary Chairperson.

This new award will honor a midwife nominated by their peers for going the extra mile, someone who is a positive role model and who makes a difference by their words or actions, working at any level within midwifery. This is a fitting tribute to Hazel who approached all situations with compassion, supported staff wellbeing and demonstrated great commitment to professional collaboration with all the members of the healthcare team, regardless of their position within the team.

Hazel’s husband John said, “Hazel was first and foremost my wife but also my best friend and wonderful mother to our three children, Aaron, Aimée & Patrick. She was a people magnet, making friends easily.  Hazel’s personality and her caring attitude put patients at ease. If you became a friend of Hazel, you were fortunate because you were never forgotten, as she always remembered everyone she encountered. We had people come and stay in our home from all parts of the world, our door was always open for waifs and strays! Her life was full, particularly with a passion for the Royal College of Midwives, as she believed in nurturing and supporting her colleagues.”

Midwife and member of the Royal College of Midwives South Eastern Trust Branch, Julie Gough, remembers Hazel fondly, “She was a friend to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on and someone who always stood up for what was best for all the families and midwives within the South Eastern Trust. Hazel is deeply missed by her colleagues who have all benefited at one time or another from her kindness, experience and encouraging words. She devoted 40 years of her life to Health and Social Care.  As a nurse and a Midwife, she was a thoughtful friend and a wonderful midwife who brought light to everything she touched and everyone she met.

The winner of the Hazel McCalister Exceptional Midwife Award will be announced on the International Day of the Midwife, Thursday 5 May 2022.

If you wish to nominate someone for this award visit the staff app ‘SET Connect’.