Local Mum Crafts Care Packages for Expectant Mothers Suffering from Rare Pregnancy Condition

25th November 2022
Sarah Eames with daughter Mathilda

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a condition that affects 20,000 pregnant women in the UK each year and which had a severe impact on a mother from Newtownards who has reached out to help other women like her. HG causes severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and dehydration. This debilitating condition can sometimes be misdiagnosed with the common pregnancy symptom being morning sickness. This misdiagnosis can further impact the mental health of those suffering.

Sarah Eames from Newtownards is committed to raising awareness and breaking the stigma surrounding this rare condition. Sarah has suffered from HG in three pregnancies.

During her third pregnancy, Sarah was diagnosed with severe HG. This meant that she was unable to eat and drink normally from week five of pregnancy. Sarah described how she was only able to consume a few “safe” foods and drinks without them aggravating her symptoms further. However, no matter what she ate, Sarah suffered daily from continuous vomiting, from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep at night.

Sarah spent the majority of her pregnancy in and out of hospitals for prolonged admissions for anti-sickness treatment, fluid replacement and steroid treatment. This exhausting experience led to Sarah becoming bedbound. This condition turned a time that was supposed to be filled with joy and happiness, to a very dark and lonely experience for Sarah.

Sarah’s daughter Mathilda was born earlier this year and thankfully as soon as she was born, the sickness began to recede

This is a time in Sarah’s life that she will never forget, and now she wants to help other mums who are suffering. Sarah has started a fundraiser to create Pregnancy Sickness Care Packages for woman who have been admitted to Hospital. The package includes positive affirmations, lip balms, hair ties, tissues, eye masks, face cloths, note pads and pens.

When asked why she has chosen to make these packages Sarah said, “My hope is that this will help woman feel less alone. Thank you to my friends, family and all those I don’t know who have all kindly donated money to help me do this.”

The first batch of care packages were delivered to the Ulster Hospital on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 where both Maternity and Neely Ward received a number of boxes for patients.

Maternity ward manager, Jenny Powell commented, ‘We are so thankful to Sarah for her donation to the ward.  These packs will bring comfort to others in a similar position and will give them the opportunity to reach out to others for peer support.  These small acts of kindness can make such a difference and will ensure that our mums know they are not alone.”