New Visiting Guidelines

23rd September 2020
Covid Update

All health and social care facilities in Northern Ireland should move to facilitate one face-to-face visit per week by one person, Health Minister Robin Swann has stated.

The province wide guidance applies to hospital and care homes, as well as other facilities.

It has been drawn up to protect patients, residents and staff from Covid-19 – while recognising the importance of human contact to health and well-being.

Exceptional circumstances, such as end of life care and vulnerable patients, will always be recognised, and arrangements made through the nurse in charg.

In maternity services, one partner will be able to accompany the pregnant woman to dating scan, anomaly scan, early pregnancy clinic, fetal medicine appointments and when the woman is in active labour. Visits in antenatal and postnatal wards will be for one person for up to one hour once a week.

Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 should not visit and all visitors must wear face coverings.

Care homes are encouraged to develop the concept of care partners. Care partners will be more than a visitor and will have previously provided an essential element of maintaining their relative’s physical and mental health, and /or provided specific support and assistance to ensure that communication or other health and social care needs are met due to a pre-existing condition.

Further details are available here.