NHS Honorary Superhero Awards Presented to Four Young People

17th August 2020

The South Eastern Trust has awarded superhero certificates to four young people who raised money for healthcare staff during Covid-19.

Maddie Keenan, aged 8 from Clifton Road, Bangor, and her 5 year old brother Tommy, sat at their garden gate almost every single day during Covid-19 and offered to draw “pichers” for people passing by, for 10p a time.

Maddie said in her letter to Chief Executive Seamus McGoran that lots of people gave them more than 10p, and she sent a cheque for £40 to thank NHS staff for “keeping people safe”. Her mother Corinna said Maddie loves drawing and had used both her creative and entrepreneurial skills to set up a flourishing “business” which paid dividends for health staff.

Joel Baines from East Belfast also wrote to Mr McGoran saying “Here are my savings. Love Joel, age 5” . He was delighted to get a letter from the “big boss” of the South Eastern Trust thanking him for donating his life savings of £5 to our staff.

Maddie and Joel’s letters are now taking pride of place on the wall of the Chief Executive’s office, and he was delighted to welcome them to Trust HQ to thank them in person and present their certificates.

Mr McGoran said: “Our staff went the extra mile looking after people during the first surge of Covid-19. It is very touching to see that children as young as this appreciated their efforts. On behalf of our staff, I would like to thank them for being super heroes.”

All four children visited the Chief Executive’s office to see their letters and drawings in pride of place on his wall.