Praise for the Vital Work of Trust Volunteers aged 16-80+

18th July 2022

Aged between 16 and over 80, the South Eastern Trust has an army of volunteers ready to help both patients and staff. During the pandemic, our volunteers were unable to play the vital role that they normally carry out in our hospitals and in the community, but they are back on duty and loving being able to assist where they can.

Comber woman, Irene Watterson is one of 39 incredible volunteers in their 80s in the Trust who meets people at the entrance to the Ulster Hospital and helps them navigate their way around the building.

Irene, who has been generously volunteering for the past 15 years says,  “I wanted to give something back to those that need help. By volunteering I feel I am doing something worthwhile. Volunteering has given me a lot of satisfaction, especially when I could volunteer during COVID, helping staff and visitors throughout the hospital, it’s a part of history!”

Many of our volunteers are young people willing to give up their time to help others. 18 year old Mikayla Kyle from Lisburn, stresses that she gets just as much out of volunteering as the patients she talks to on the wards. “I absolutely love my role as a volunteer. It has provided me with a sense of satisfaction and has also given me extra confidence by chatting, helping patients and supporting staff.  I would recommend volunteering and I’d encourage other young people to give up their time to volunteer.

“The most important part of volunteering is that no matter how big or small the task may be, you will make a patient’s experience of the hospital much easier.”

Volunteer Services Manager, Sonya Duffy insists, “ The over 500 volunteers in our Trust play a vital role. As you can see, people of all ages give up their time to help our patients and staff every day. They make a real difference and we are really grateful for the great work that they do.”

If you are interested in volunteering you can get more information on our website –