Radiology Project paves the way for Dementia Friendly Healthcare

17th November 2023

The Department of Radiology, supported by Dementia Services in the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust, along with Dementia NI, have taken a significant step forward creating a more Dementia-friendly environment for patients attending the Department of Radiology’s services across the Trust.

The Department of Radiology recognises the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for visitors, patients and their carers attending the service with a range of conditions, including those living with Dementia. Dementia NI carried out a ‘Dementia enabling walk around’ in the Department of Radiology at the Ulster Hospital, which provided valuable insight to understand the unique needs of individuals with Dementia in the healthcare setting.

During the walk around, participants had the opportunity to explore various areas of the Radiology Department, from waiting areas, signage and examination rooms. The goal was to identify potential challenges faced by individuals with Dementia and to find innovative solutions that could be implemented to create a more Dementia-friendly space for visitors, patients and their carers.

Radiology Quality Standard for Imaging Lead, Mark Cadden expressed his enthusiasm for the project and said, “We are committed to providing the highest standard of care for all our patients. This walk around in the Department of Radiology with members of Dementia NI is key to our Quality Improvement project. By actively involving those with lived experiences, we are ensuring that our hospital becomes more responsive to the unique needs of individuals living with Dementia.”

The collaboration with Dementia NI aligns with the South Eastern Trust’s dedication to ‘putting patients at the heart of what we do.’  By fostering an environment that is sensitive to the needs of those with Dementia, we aim to enhance the overall experience for both patients and their families.