Remembering Babies and Children Who Have Died Before or After Birth

18th September 2020

Each year parents, friends and relatives are invited to a Service of Remembrance in the Recreation Hall at the Ulster Hospital during Pregnancy Loss week in October, in memory of children and babies who have died before or after birth.  The service is an important private and public way for bereaved parents and their families to join with staff and to have the opportunity to commemorate the children and babies who have died. Hospital chaplains will lead the service, with bereaved parents taking part in remembering their baby through poems, prayers and bible readings.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic restrictions, we are unable to have our annual service of remembrance as we would normally have had. The service this year will be recorded by a small number of the Forget-Me-Not Focus group and staff and will be posted on the Trust Facebook page ( and website on Wednesday 14 October 2020, the day the service should have been held.

This year flowers will be presented at the service in memory of those that have passed and will be placed in the hospital chapel after the service.

Requests for entries in the Book of Remembrance, and copies of the poems read during the service may be made by contacting the Bereavement Support Midwife: Jacqueline Dorrian; Tel: (028) 9056 4717 or email   Information will be available on the Trust website ( on the above date or from the bereavement midwife.

If any parents feel that a special verse, reading or piece of music would be particularly appropriate for the service next year, please do let us know.  We cannot guarantee all suggestions will be included, but we will make every effort to do so. Contact The Forget-Me-Not Group by telephoning or emailing Jacqueline Dorrian.

This service has been devised primarily from a Christian tradition. Those from other faith groups or those who have no formal faith are welcome to attend. If you have any spiritual needs which you would like to discuss, please contact Rev Don Gamble, Lead Chaplain on Tel: (028) 9048 4511 Ext 89370.

For further information, please contact Jacqueline Dorrian, Bereavement Support Midwife Tel: (028) 9056 4717 or email: